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Know which questions to answer on Q&A websites like Quora

Q-Stats will help you find marketing opportunities on Q&A websites like Quora by calculating key metrics to locate your target audience.

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Features and benefits of Q-Stats

Opportunity Ranking

Our deeply integrated algorithm gives you a rating from 1-5 stars about the potential opportunity of answering a question.

Average Monthly Views

Understand question trends by knowing the avg. monthly views.

Easy to install

Simply install the extension on your Google chrome browser and enter a Q&A website like Quora to pick a specific question.

Add It To My List

Click on the ‘Add it to my list’ button and the questions will be saved on a Google spreadsheet with all the questions stats.

Key Question Metrics

Grasp the popularity of a question and see how many people follow it.


No charge, no upgrade - the tool is totally free as a brand utility of Q-Answer company

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